The most common cause of installation problems is not following the step by step directions in the
updated manual. One cannot simply pop in the install disc and wing it. Read the directions first.
However, certain problems can arise even if the install process is followed correctly.

Problem: When the TOMI software is started, the information bar displays “NO CAMERA”.
Possible Causes:
1.   Check to make sure any on board web camera has been disabled, or any other cameras being run
by other programs. Your computer cannot run the TOMI drivers if other cameras are in use. Disable
them through <Control Panel>.
2.  The computer was booted up without the TOMI camera being plugged in, or is plugged into a USB
port other than the one on which it was installed. Turn your computer off, change USB ports and
then restart the computer. Repeat for all USB ports.
3.  The XP drivers were loaded instead of the Vista drivers and your computer is either Windows 7,
8, or 10. If this is the case, you will have to download the “Uninstall drivers” tool for the
camera. It can be found on the web site, under support/downloads. Run this tool, reboot
your computer then reinstall the camera using the software disc. It is not necessary to reinstall
the TOMI program, just the camera.
4.  The USB cable is damaged. These cable connections are used on almost all printers on the market
today. If you can try another cable that you have, do so. If you do not have another cable, or this
solves the problem, call us and we will send you another cable.

Problem: The information bar displays “No Club”.
Possible Causes
1.  Batteries have too weak a charge. Try new ones.
2.  The clip is damaged or not on the putter correctly. Click on the VIDEO button to see the camera
screen. Make sure all 4 LED’s are displayed on an entirely black background. Eliminate any
extraneous light sources. If the clip is damaged contact us and we can send you a new one.
3.  The camera is either too close or too far away from the ball. The display bar must show between
32” and 36” to effectively measure the stroke.
4.  The clip has cycled off. Check the small green light on the front of the clip. The clip is
designed to cycle off after 4 to 5 minutes to save battery life.

Problem: When executing a putting stroke, the two toned warning beep sounds frequently.
Possible Causes:
1.   The video filter options are not set properly. These settings must be changed using the
AMCAP program installed on your desktop. Check these settings per the manual. Some
computers will go back to default settings if the computer is turned on without the TOMI
camera connected. This should be the first item to check if you are having trouble.
2.  The putting stroke being recorded is so long that it goes outside the frame of the camera.
You can check this while running the TOMI by clicking on the VIDEO button on the screen, then
watching as the stroke is being taken. The four dots of light from the clip must be visible for the
entire length of the stroke, forward and back. If the stroke is too long, shorten the putt being
measured. Backstrokes of less than 3 inches will not always
capture properly either.
3.  Light sources other than the 4 from the clip are in the view of the camera. Click on the VIDEO
button and view the screen without the putter clip visible. The screen should be entirely black. If
not, eliminate the other light sources. You may have to set up the TOMI so the camera is pointed at
a wall behind the person putting. If other images are visible, check the video filter options as
described in #1. Above.
4.  The golfer’s stroke has more than 20 degrees of rotation. Highly unusual but certainly
possible, Try a shorter putt.
5.  The lie of the putter is more than 80 degrees upright.
6.  The camera is either too close or too far away from the ball. The display bar must show between
32” and 36” to effectively measure the stroke.

Problem: The TOMI is capturing strokes, but the measurements do not seem accurate.
Possible causes:
1.  Number One ­ The clip is not on the putter correctly. The wings of the clip must be at a 90
degree angle to the face of the putter. Refer to section 3 of the manual and also the LASER BLOCK
description on this web site for proper alignment of the clip. Any square object can be used.
2.  The position of the camera is incorrect. The camera must be placed at a ninety degree angle to
the line of the putt. See section 2.3 in the manual.
3.  Batteries weakening.
4.  Extraneous light sources (see above).